Bridges as Symbols – The Golden Gate Bridge

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Golden-Gate-Bridge-Fog-XlgThe Golden Gate Bridge, too, can only be grasped in terms of its full setting.

Watch it from one of San Francisco’s hills on a summer afternoon when the fog is flooding through the strait like a river, waves of vapor breaking over the deck, or when the entire span is enveloped and you see only vague glimpses of a mammoth tower or an arc of the deck or a web of cables as the curtains of moisture are momentarily parted.

GoldenGateBridge_BakerBeach_MCOr see it when the air is clear, and the entire lithe red spans is outlined against the dark cliffs and surf fringed headlands of Marin.

You know then that this structure has a meaning of its own.

This is no urban bridge.

It belongs not to the cities but to the continent’s edge, to the wild coastline, the giant winds, the rising tides, the rolling ocean.

It is fitting that the bridge traverses this spectacular meeting of land and sea in a single mighty leap.

For the building of the bridge was itself a leap – in engineering, in economics, in total imagination.

Golden Gate Bridge from Fort PointInto this bridge flowed much of the genius of twentieth century America – the scientific knowledge, the technical skill, the persistence in the face of setbacks, and above all the impulse to venture into the untried and unknown, to take the risk, to bridge the unbridgeable, to dare the impossible.

If the Bay Bridge represents the best of urban America today, the Golden Gate Bridge is a symbol of the future – of the opportunity that glimmers around the shores of this ocean for men who can grasp the meaning and promise of this age, a meaning written in steel in this soaring span at the Western Gate.


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