Day’s End in the San Francisco Bay

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sunsetAll day a moving cloud canopy has hung over the gray bay, occasionally trailing long banners of rain which stippled the waters and gently sprinkled the shores.

Now, at day’s end, comes a violent transformation.

The sun has descended beneath the western edge of the canopy and floods the bay and its shores with light.

The bridge at the narrows is black against the sun, and in the sky beyond it are ling glowing bars of cloud strata radiation feathery banners of flame.

The water surface, the misty air, and the clouds are suffused with golden opalescence.

Again, as in early spring, the cities climbing the East Bay Hills are ablaze with the reflected light of the western sky.

A radiant bank of cumulus over Angel Island is mirrored in the calm bay.

An outward bound ship, gold in the sun, is reflected in the blue gold waters and leaves a dark, spreading wake across the surface.

A pink wreath of fog moves over a ridge behind Sausalito.

Over the ocean a plane climbs high like an insect drawn into the caldron of light.

The bay alternately lows and fades beneath the changing sky as clouds laden with fire pass overhead.

In a few minutes’ time the golds and pinks in the sky and water are replaced by crimson, changing to purple and to gray.

Quickly the sky darkens, and the spectacle vanishes as suddenly as it came.


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