Night in the San Francisco Bay

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sunset-san-francisco_www-dvc-hu-golden_gate_sunset11Just after sundown the San Francisco Bay is a pool of light in the darkening evening.

It seems to have absorbed the sun’s radiation during the day and to have stored it up for this time when the sky’s light is dying.

Against the dark rim of the far hills the silver grey surface gives the illusion of being curved, like the face of a giant lens.

In this brief moment, when the buildings along the shores have been almost absorbed into the darkness, there comes a quick impression that the shoreline cities have vanished and the scene appears as it did before the coming of man; the only realities are the darkly glowing bay, the black hills, and the sky.

Then, almost imperceptibly, the lights along the far shores begin to glitter in the still clear air – the diamond constellation of Sausalito on its hillside, the scattered points of light across Belvedere and Tiburon, the dense nebulae of Richmond, Berkeley, and Oakland along the eastern foothills.

Momentarily the bay holds the last light of the day, then disappears into blackness.

Only the lamps on the bridges, swinging like strings of amber jewels over the gulf, are reflected in a clear, moonless sky, the bay is an immense void, a place of absolute dark, like a cavern of infinite depth.

High on the rim of the great bowl of hills around the bay the aircraft beacons flash their signal in rapid rhythm, taken up by the red warning lights on the towers of the bridges and by the lighthouses along the shore.

From the  mountains to the bridges to the bay the signal is passed to the sea; and the circling sweep of the Alcatraz light is answered by quick flashes from Point Bonita, from the lightship beyond the bar, and from the great beacon on the Farallones.



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